How To Plan a Destination Wedding

Step 1: Decide if a Destination Wedding is Right for You

Before anything else, you've got to decide: should I have a destination wedding? Is it right for us? Right for our family & friends?

In the first step of the destination wedding planning process, I help you examine what's important to you and your fiance loads to ensure you're choosing the right kind of wedding!

As much as I LOVE a destination wedding, I know they aren't for everyone. This step helps you decide! Are you ready?

Wondering : should I have a destination wedding? This is a floral beach set up for a destination wedding

How to decide if a destination wedding is right for you and your fiance

Hopefully you’re here because you are engaged, or will be soon, and you’re considering a destination wedding – AWESOME!! YAY, welcome, I’m truly so glad you’re here. Let’s get to it.

There are a few important factors to take into consideration when you’re deciding if you should have a destination wedding, or a traditional ‘at-home’ wedding.

The first is just your preference. Are you someone who wants to get married in a specific place (where your parents were married, where you met, where you attend services?) If so, a destination wedding might not be for you. 

But, if you are someone who likes to do things just a little bit differently; who values experiences over things, or who wants to create a truly memorable experience for you and your guests – a destination wedding might be just what you need!

destination-weddings- A beach wedding arch adorned with white flowers, organized by a destination wedding planner.
Next up, you’ll consider what you want your wedding to look like. Contrary to popular belief, there are SO MANY different kinds of destination wedding venues and vibes out there to choose from. 

You don’t necessarily have to have your toes in the sand to have a destination wedding – some of the venues out there include: 

  • Beach gazebos 
  • Sky terraces overlooking the ocean
  • Chapels (Some Catholic Chapels)
  • Cenotes 
  • Garden venues & tents
  • Overwater chapels
  • Ballrooms
  • Pool terraces
  • Overwater gazebos
  • and more!
destination-weddings- A beaming bride and groom celebrating their dream destination wedding at the beach.

What are destination weddings?

Learn about the different definitions of destination weddings, how destination weddings work, and get the general low-down on this type of wedding celebration

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What does an average destination wedding cost?

Destination wedding costs vary widely based on many factors, just like any wedding. For us, the destination, resort brand, wedding package, and number of guests are just a few!

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How to decide: Should I have a Destination Wedding?

If you're still on the fence about having a destination wedding, I've got a great way to decide!

What's the next step in planning your destination wedding?