How To Plan a Destination Wedding

Everything You Need to Know

The Destination Wedding Planner has already done all the work for you!

Just follow the steps below and learn how to plan a perfect destination wedding!

Step 1: Decide if a Destination Wedding is Right for You

Before anything else, you've got to decide: is a destination wedding right for me? Right for us?

In Step 1 of the destination wedding planning process, I ask you and your fiance loads of questions and help you take a look at the facts and numbers needed to ensure you're choosing the right kind of wedding! (that's me in Turks & Caicos last year!)

As much as I LOVE a destination wedding, I know they aren't for everyone. This step helps you decide! Are you ready?

Allison, the Destination Wedding Planner will teach you how to plan a destination wedding!

Step 2: Choose Your Perfect Destination Wedding Location

If you decide to have a destination wedding, the first real step will be choosing the destination where you'll get married!

In this step, we will explore some of the top locations for destination weddings, the pros and cons, requirements, highlights, and general pricing for each of these destination wedding locations to help you pick the perfect one for you!

Step 3: Pick the Perfect Resort or Venue

Once you pick a destination, then you can narrow down the resort or venue where you'll have your dreamy destination wedding!

Pro Tip: Most couples opt for the on-site weddings at the resorts where they stay and where their guests stay. This is typically the most cost-effective option. But you can also stay at a resort but get married off-site!

Step 4: Set the Date and Secure Accommodations

Once you choose a resort, Step 4 comes next and it's a two-parter. You'll need to both secure accommodations for yourselves and your guests AND you'll need to set the date for your destination wedding and get on the resort's books.

This step can either be the EASIEST STEP, or the ABSOLUTE HARDEST step... be sure to read this section thoroughly to save yourself a ridiculous amount of time, money, and stress!

Step 5: Plan the Details of Your Picture Perfect Destination Wedding

Step four was the last 'boring' task, from Step 5 on out, it's fun and happiness all the way!

Here in Step 5, you finally get to do the fun stuff: plan your wedding! This is when all the details will come together: destination wedding ceremony, decor, set-up, backdrop, place settings, centerpieces, music, entertainment, rehearsal dinner time, and more.

It's a lot, sure, but it's also the FUN part of planning your destination wedding: making it truly about you!

Step 6: Prepare to Travel and Get Married

The time has finally come! You've chosen and planned absolutely everything, and it's just time to travel safely to your destination wedding, enjoy the company of your closest friends and family, get married in paradise, and immediately start your honeymoon with your brand new spouse!

In Step 6, we prepare for travel, ensuring we know all the entry requirements, travel restrictions, marriage laws, and other rules for your destination wedding's country, and generally get you ready to have a safe, seamless travel experience so you can focus on each other and YOUR WEDDING DAY!!!

What's the next step in planning your destination wedding?